Postural Syndromes

Postural Syndromes

Cervical postural syndrome is a condition in which a person develops a poor posture of the neck which has a cascading effect on the shoulders back and lower back resulting in pain and tightness.

Causes of Cervical Postural Syndrome

Poor posture that is sustained for long periods of time, this becomes the body’s new normal
Changes in muscles activations lead to imbalances

Leads to changes on bones, joints, muscles, tendons, discs

Characteristics of Cervical Postural Syndrome
• Forward head posture
• Protruding chin
• Rounded shoulders
• Slouched upper back

Symptoms of Cervical Postural Syndrome
• Dull ache or burning pain in the neck, back, shoulders
• Headaches

Am I at risk?
• Office workers
• Individuals who are spending hours reading, studying or driving
• Cooks, cleaners, gardeners

What are the long-term implications?
• Osteoarthritis
• Jaw problems
• Headaches
• Shoulder impingement and rotator cuff problems

How can I fix this?
• Collaborative approach with a skilled physiotherapist
o Corrective exercise program
o Manual therapies
o Ergonomic adjustments
o Lifestyle changes

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